Ryazan Tool Plant


  • Ryazan Tool Plant is a modern facility manufacturing metal cutting tools with sophisticated and unique technologies.

  Ryazan Tool Plant, LLC

is a manufacturer of high-precision, axial cutting tools made of high-speed steels and hard alloy.
“Ryazan Tool Plant” manufactures and delivers such tools as end milling cutters, burrs, step and conical drills, reamers, countersinks, as well as milling of cutters. The tool is manufactured on the basis of modern high-precision German equipment by Walter. The basis of the tool is only high-quality carbide billets of Russian production.

Our engineers, technologists and programmers can develop a unique tool geometry specifically for your needs.

Unlike other manufacturers, special attention is paid to the microgeometry of the cutting edge. It is brought with the help of modern laser 3D-control and a system of blunting the cutting edge, which is given a micron radius, depending on the purpose of the cutter.

All the produced tools meet strict world standards for quality, productivity and durability. The production of “Ryazan Tool Plant” is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.